Frequently Asked Questions about the Picnic Pizza Station

Two cogs appearing to work toghether

How it works

How does the Picnic Pizza Station work?
How many pizzas can the station make per hour?
What ingredients are recommended?
Can I make pan pizzas?
Does it work with any size dough?
Does the dough need to be stretched first?
Does the Picnic Pizza Station include an oven?
Will it work with my POS?
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A price tag

What it costs

How much is the Picnic Pizza Station?
Can I buy one outright?
What happens after I pay my deposit? What are the next steps?
What will repair costs be?
Do I have to sign a contract?
Is this really going to save me any money?
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Other questions

Can I see a Picnic Pizza Station at work?
How soon will it ship?
What if I change my mind?
When will I know the ship date?
Will you be adding production capacity to fulfill more orders?
When are you offering the Picnic Pizza Station outside the U.S. and Canada?
I have more questions. Can I talk to a real person?
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Is support included with the price of the station?
What kind of support do I get?
What spare parts come with the station?
Do I get software upgrades?
What service am I responsible for?
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