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Food automation and technology notes

Introducing Picnic.

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10 Minutes with Kevin “Cubby” Konn: America’s Pizza King

Meet Kevin Konn, one of the most talented pizzamakers in America. And learn why he thinks food automation makes for better pizzas, even in artisan pizzerias.
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What is a ghost kitchen or virtual restaurant?

A virtual restaurant with no indoor dining or patrons? Learn what a ghost kitchen is and how it can be a significant driver for your business.
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Customer-focused Engineering: Meet Director of Hardware Nick Spada

No two days are alike for Picnic’s director of hardware, Nick Spada. Find out why he left a steady gig in aerospace for the “undefined, creative, inventive” startup life at Picnic Works.
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Slices of Insight: Is Automation the Future of Pizza?

Picnic surveyed 1000 American pizza consumers and asked their opinions on how kitchen automation might impact perceptions of their beloved pies. From improved consistency to helping solve labor shortages, read how food automation not only makes great pizza, it also makes great business sense.
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Three Pillars of Growing and Scaling a Food Business

Follow these three pillars to help you achieve your growth goals and create a sustainable, long-term food business: technology, marketing, and focusing on customers.
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5 Customer Service Tips to Retain Customers and Increase Revenue

Customer retention is key to sustainable growth and revenue. But how do you get people to return? Read our 5 top tips that are crucial to gaining repeat business.
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A Slice of Industrial Design: Meet Kyu Han

As one of Picnic’s first employees, design director Kyu Han has seen the evolution of pizza robotics and the automated pizza topping station firsthand. Find out what keeps him coming back for more.
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Cutting it Fine: The Race to Control Food Waste in Kitchens

Restaurant food waste costs operations millions in lost revenue. The solution is simple. Learn how to improve your food waste and save $$$.
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Slices of Insight: What Americans Really Want on Their Pizza

Picnic surveyed pizza consumers and found out what Americans want more than anything else in a pizza. Can you guess what it is? And how can food automation help?
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Desperate to Fill Open Restaurant Jobs? Consider Food Automation

What’s a pizzeria owner supposed to do in the face of the current restaurant labor shortage? Savvy operators are turning to automation to support their stretched staff. Read about how food automation can help your business.
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CES 2022 Report: Pizzas, Robots, Friends Old and New

CES 2022 was the year where food technology was fully recognized as a growing category. We had a blast meeting new friends and helping our partners at Centerplate and Sodexo Live serve pizza to CES attendees once again.
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Food Automation Technology Inside Picnic Pizza Station Receives Two Patents

Our engineering team has been issued two patents on the Picnic Pizza Station.
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Meet the Picnic Pizza Station: Automation to Take on Food Service Challenges in 2022

Restaurants and commercial kitchens face a number of challenges that have accelerated in the Covid era.
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Robotic Automation Meets Food Engineering

Behind the food automation of the Picnic Pizza Station are real people. Meet food scientist Dr. Gabriella Mendes.
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