Meet the team and learn our values

Clayton Wood
Mike McLaughlin
VP of Product
Kennard Nielsen
VP of Engineering
Haritha Vaddadi
Director of Customer Success
Kyu Han
Director of Design
Brian De Vitis
Principal Systems Engineer
Nick Wright
Lead Software Engineer
Sage Van Tilburg
Mechanical Engineer
Derek Soike
Senior Software Engineer
Lucas Walter
Computer Vision Engineer
Ali Rafie
Electrical Engineer
Jeron Veleke
Lead, Supply Chain and Logistics
Cole Rogers
Controls Engineer
Shane Derrick
Mechanical Engineer
Nick Spada
Mechanical Engineer
Isaac Jaeger
UX Designer

Our Advisors

Don Coyner
Branding and Marketing Advisor
Kati Fritz-Jung
Food Science Advisor
Kurt Dammeier
Restaurant Industry Advisor
Matt Galvin
Restaurant Industry Advisor

Our Values

Passion for food

We are obsessed with food quality and our machines create real, delicious food.

Delivering unparalleled value

We solve fundamental problems that get in the way of delivering the ultimate customer experience. We ease operations, increase efficiency, and maintain product consistency and quality.

Technology that's a breeze

Our technology will never require significant training, knowledge, or concentration to operate and will integrate seamlessly into existing business operations.

Delightful experience

We prioritize user experience to create technology that people will love.

Rock solid reliability

Our customers will have peace of mind because we hold ourselves to the highest standards for reliability.

Ceaseless improvement

In the pursuit of excellence we will never stop improving performance and adding new capabilities.

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