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A solution for everyone.

Our modular system is the first of its kind. It can perform any number of food assembly tasks in any order, completely configurable to any restaurant's process. Starting with pizza, our system will soon be able to make a wide variety of foods including sandwiches, salads, bowls, and more.

Turbocharged production.

Our system is designed to keep up with the demands of the busiest kitchens. Our high throughput allows restaurants to easily meet the demand for dine-in and delivery during peak business hours. With just one worker keeping ingredients stocked, our system can produce 300 12" pizzas/hr or 180 18" pizzas/hr.


18" Pizzas / hour


12" Pizzas / hour

Consistent, dependable output.

Our system solves a major problem for restaurants- consistency. We use computer vision and deep learning to ensure output to your exact standards, reducing food waste and driving customer growth, retention, and satisfaction.

No cost up-front.

With our Robotics-as-a-Services (RaaS) model, you’re getting our full system with no capital investment. We’ll cover delivery, installation, and maintenance on a subscription basis. You’re not just getting our system, you’re getting an entire suite of services including cloud analytics, around-the-clock performance monitoring, and continuous free software and hardware upgrades for life.

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