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The Picnic Pizza Station automates pizza prep
The Picnic Pizza Station is the essential back-of-house makeline. The modular food prep station assembles your pizzas with precision and speed, delivering a consistent product every time.
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The Picnic Pizza Station saves kitchens time, money, and labor by automating pizza preparation—allowing you to elevate the customer experience.

Designed for any kitchen

The fully modular design allows you to customize your station to suit your operation.

The makeline assembles with precision to deliver the perfect pizza every time.
Reduced waste. Improved efficiency.
The pizza station delivers up to 100 pizzas per hour with a single operator, while significantly reducing your food waste.
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The makeline uses your recipe to deliver the perfect pizza every time.
Superior safety and cleanliness
By reducing human contact with ingredients, our equipment keeps people safe and kitchens clean.
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Choose your modules
Sauce module
19L hopper capacity
Our sauce module dispenses smoothly and holds enough sauce to top up to 100 pizzas between refills.
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Cheese module
19L hopper capacity
Our cheese module tops pizzas with fine-tuned precision and can top up to 100 pizzas between refills.
Choose your modules
Pepperoni module
200+ slices per minute
Our pepperoni module slices fresh from the stick and tops pizzas with an exact number of slices at a rate four times faster than a human.
Choose your modules
Granular toppings module
7L per ingredient
Each granular module dispenses three pre-cut ingredients including onions, peppers, mushrooms, and sausage.
Run with kitchen intelligence

Our software is designed for work. We offer kitchen solutions including an intuitive touch screen interface, optional POS integration, and a customer portal to monitor ingredients and predict inventory needs.

Software that simplifies
Our interface has been designed from the ground up with the intention of being the most intuitive human-machine interface on the market.
Seamless POS integration
With our point-of-sale integration services, adding Picnic to your kitchen is a seamless experience.
Up-to-the-minute monitoring
Our analytics platform is built to give you the information you need to run your kitchen. From product ordering to system health, peace of mind is a click away.

We understand food preparation. Our hardware is designed to be easily cleanable with the highest standards of reliability.

Commercial-grade hardware
Our easy-to-disassemble, sanitary components can go straight through your dishwasher for easy cleaning.
Engineered to last
Durable, precision-engineered components are designed to withstand the rigors of kitchen operation.
Simplified for easy installation

No hookups, small footprint. Just wheel it in.

Small footprint
86″ W × 56″ H × 40″ D — Occupies same footprint as standard makeline.
No build-out required
Get up and running quickly and inexpensively.
POS integration
Optional integration seamlessly pulls orders from your POS.
Pain-free training
Your employees will need minimal training with our user-friendly system.

Monthly subscription. No upfront costs.

Free delivery, installation,
and on-site maintenance checks
System health is monitored
for guaranteed uptime and
peace of mind
Should there ever be
an issue, the system is designed
for simple on-site fixes
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